The official MysticMC rule set.
If you notice any violations or have questions, you may open a ticket or ask staff on our Discord.

1. No griefing.

  • Includes claimed land, and unclaimed land.
    • If a base is abandoned, you can ask staff to see if its okay for you to take over the base.
  • Destroying the wilderness for resources is allowed, though mass destruction of the map for any other reason is also considered griefing.
    • Harvesting should be done in the resource world (/rtp).

2. No harassing others

  • This includes being overly rude or snarky.
  • If you have issues with a particular player, it is highly recommended you report them, /ignore the player and move on. Do not harass them back or further escalate.
  • Do not bypass mutes, ignores, or contact players who do not wish to speak to you.

3. Keep it clean

  • Refrain from doing the following: harassment, racism, excessive swearing, excessive sexual content, hate speech, and discussing sensitive topics such as self-harm, politics, drug user, abuse.
  • The above items can be in the form of: Inappropriate usernames, builds, signage, content, skins, and renamed items.
  • If both parties allow it, you may speak your mind in private chat such as /msg.

4. No cheating or hacking

  • This includes not limited to: Hacking, X-ray, botting, kill aura, fly, free-cam/free-look, or any other modifications that allow you to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Allowed Clients/Mods
    • Mini-maps, waypoints, or anything that displays information already known in the F3 menu
    • Fullbright
    • Lunar Client (No free-look)
    • Optifine
    • Performance/FPS increasers
  • Any exploits that arise from bugs with vanilla Minecraft features or server plugins such as duping can not be used and must be reported. Rewards will be given based on severity.

5. No automation of the player.

  • This includes botting (baritone), auto-clickers, and key weights.
  • Farms that require you to AFK or do manual work or push you around using redstone are allowed.
    • Fishing Machines are NOT allowed. (Even if mouse manually held down)

6. No Random PvP

  • You must get permission from the other party before fighting.
  • Rules of the fight should be laid out before hand. Breaking those rules may result in the other party reporting you.
  • Entering PvP marked areas automatically conesents you to PvP.
    • TPing or baiting players to a PvP area to fight them is not allowed.
  • Hitting someone else even once, allows them to hit or even kill you back, though it is recommended you just report them as fights may get confusing to judge.

7. Claims

  • If a user is inactive for 3+ weeks, you can request the claim be removed on the Discord server by opening a ticket.
  • Do not claim or build within 100 blocks of an existing claim without permission from the claim owner. Failure to do so may result in your build being moved.
    • It is still recommended to claim past just your build area to save a piece of land for future use.
  • Claims that break the 100 blocks claim rule must be reported in a timely manner. Not reporting someone's claim violation and allowing them to build for weeks may mean that their claim might not be removed.
  • Do not trespass on claims. If you repeatedly ignore the claim owner's wishes for you leave, you may be forcibly removed and punished.

8. Shop and Economy

  • Paying players to rate your shop is allowed, but paying others to rate other shops is NOT allowed.
  • Using alt accounts to rate other shops including your own is not allowed.
  • Advertising within or near other shops without permission is not allowed.
  • No useless/troll player warps, auction house listings, or chest shops.
  • The main end island can only be used for the purposes of traveling the end, or fighting the dragon. No making chest shops or using obsidian farms here.
  • You can earn money from the Hunter job only from physically attacking the mob manually. Any use of farms that make use of thorns or other methods of AFK farming are not allowed.
  • You can report Player warps with extremely similar names to your existing warp. Eg. "/pw Best_Logs" and "/pw Best_log" would not be allowed Eg. "/pw Shop" and "/pw Shopping" would be allowed since Shop is a common word.
  • Advertising PW's or other services on /ah is limited to 1 listing.
    • Even if you are advertising a different PW, you may only have 1 listing.
      • Though you are free to have a single renamed shulker containing a bunch of renamed items advertising a bunch of different stuff/aspects of your shop
    • AH advertisements should be priced at 999999 or higher.
  • No reselling of map art created by someone else without their permission.
  • Modifying Items with the Unmodifiable tag is not allowed. This includes renaming, upgrading, adding effects on to the items. This does not include items you are supposed to modify such as unbreakable tools.
    • If you have a modified item, you are free to contact support to get it replaced without issue.

9. No spamming/begging/advertising

  • Advertising in-game economy related things every 30 minutes is allowed.
  • Any links or outside advertisements in chat are not allowed including advertising for any other servers.
    • This includes links to external streams even if they are related to the server or Minecraft.
  • Spamming includes:
    • Excessive use of capitalization.
      • This including using capital letters in every word; limit capitalized words to a maximum of three consecutive words per message, and do not include spammy text such as 'HaVE a GReAt dAy'; capitial spam is to be determined by server staff.
    • Identical messages or extremely similar messages.
    • Messages that include random letters. Eg “wadawfsegerheiwoffjweoji”

10. No scamming/fraud/impersonation.

  • Scamming is the misrepresentation of goods such as renaming an item to look like something else, or by not honoring a trade.
  • Low-balling or high-balling are allowed. Ultimately it is up to you to know the value of an item. If you do not know the value of an item, it is recommend you do not trade at all.
  • Impersonating includes using "/nick" to pretend to be someone else.
  • You may loan items to other players, but ultimately it is your responsibility to keep track of where the item is, and to set clear rules on when/how people can borrow them.
  • The server does not allow IRL trading for in-game items between players.

11. English only in chat

  • Our staff team cannot moderate languages outside of English, which is why we ask this.
  • Non-english is allowed in private messages (/msg <username>).

12. Alt-accounts

  • Alts are allowed, but must be logged off above 60 online players.
  • Only one additional alt account may be used for AFK purposes.
  • You are allowed to vote on alt-accounts and give your main account the rewards, though logging on a bunch of alts to give yourself the starting money is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to use Alt job furnaces.
  • Using accounts you do not own is not allowed, such as using accounts from EasyMC.

13. Do not evade punishments in any way.

  • Joining with alternate accounts after you have previously been banned will result in an escalation of your ban length.
  • Do not use signs, books, or renamed items to avoid being muted in chat. You are still free to use off-server chatting methods like private Discord calls for talking to friends.

14. VPN Usage

  • VPN’s are not allowed to be used. If you do use a VPN or Proxy and it works, it is at the risk of the player. Whenever a player logs in, their IP is recorded, thus using a VPN has the risk of associating your username with a banned player. To avoid any sort of issues, it is recommended you do not use a VPN.

15. No Gambling

  • This includes making casinos, chance based games, mystery boxes.
  • The rule is to protect players and reduce staff needing to constantly check for malicious intent. Therefore if both parties are friends and allow it knowing the risks, you may engage in this kind of behavior.

Lag Rules

  • Farms/machines built must be useful and efficient as possible to not cause any unnecessary lag.
  • Farms/machines that run constantly and don’t produce anything useful should be turned off when not in use.
  • Chunk loaders are not allowed.
  • No lava casting anywhere.
  • Players are automatically kicked after 30 minutes of inactive above 60 players.
    • Bypassing this rule in any way while being inactive is not allowed.

Chunk Limits

  • Bypassing the lag restriction is not allowed, including asking other ranks to build for you. If you do share a claim with someone with higher limits, they must actually be actively using the claim.
  • Armor stands: 16
  • Mobs: 24
    • This includes most type of mobs
    • Mobs won't spawn after the limit
    • Eg. In a chunk you could have 12 chickens and 12 cows, OR you can have 24 cows
    • Villagers are NOT included in this, and are not limited.
    • Max entity cramming is set to 6
  • Transportation (Minecart/Boat/Furnace Minecart/etc): 6
Repeaters /